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Larry is the “new” Nevadan, having only arrived 30 years ago when he was hired to appear in Frederic Apcar’s revue, “Breakin’ Loose,” at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.

As a refugee from Los Angeles, his artistic sensibility is heavily influenced by the world of film, a world he studied in depth at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He combined the disciplines of film and live theater in his original work as a comedy-magician, and as a result, he has enjoyed a storied career as a producer, director, writer and performer.

The Education Renaissance of Nevada Initiative is the latest creative endeavor in Larry’s life which include being nominated for an Emmy Award, lecturing at M.I.T., and creating curriculum for schoolchildren in Nevada. Fortunately, he has sworn to use his powers only for good, and not for evil.


Dennyse is a proud Nevadan and a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno. She has served on the boards of A.V.A. Ballet Theatre, The Holland Project, and the Lear Theater. In 2008 she was named "A Woman of Achievement" by the Nevada Women’s Fund.

Dennyse has served as the Director of Events, Development and Youth Programs at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts here in Reno for the past nine years. This gives her a unique perspective on the way arts and sciences are inextricably intertwined in education.

When asked why she is so fiercely committed to strengthening Reno’s emerging identity as an arts and cultural destination, Dennyse’s answer is simple and direct. “I am inspired by artists of any kind: their vision, their dedication, and their bravery.” (You can thank her when you see her.)


Mark is a native born Nevadan whose earliest artistic leanings centered around photography, music and food (making it, not eating it.) Food won out and after high school he was accepted into the Seattle Culinary Arts and Design School. But, he never made it to Seattle. Instead, he found himself interning at local radio station KRZQ just as the world of analog gave way to digital. In no time he was producing all of the station’s promotional material, and eventually became the Imaging Director.

In 2004, feeling the need to do more things he had never done before, he created his own production house, Orangetree Productions, and began creating award-winning television and radio advertising for Northern Nevada.

In recent years, Mark found a new creative outlet for his talents writing and directing short films. In 2012 he wrote and directed a feature-length film, “The Ashes of Brush Flats,” which he hopes to debut in Reno later this year.


Joan is that rarest of creatures in the art world—a working artist who has supported herself as an artist her entire life. She’s a second-generation Nevadan, born at home in Ely to avoid an outbreak of indeterminate origin. Her family moved to Fallon and she was schooled at the Oats Park School in the days before it was reinvented as an art museum.

Joan’s plan to study art was interrupted by a brief detour to Business College (at the insistence of her mother). But, after graduating she immediately enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she immersed herself in sculpture and ceramics. Her professors also insisted that she become proficient in welding, stone cutting, wood carving and other techniques “so that we would have the vocabulary, in case we ever had something to say.”

She works in a variety of mediums—paint, sculpture, mosaic and textiles—and her work has been exhibited in shows in Reno, San Francisco, New York and at the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Most recently she curated the exhibition, “The Art of Gaming +,” at the invitation of the University of Nevada, Reno.

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