October 13 - 15th, 2017

Our inaugural fundraising event was an unprecedented success, focusing attention on our Washoe County Library System and providing a mind-blowing array of live performances attended by thousands of people in our community for FREE. We are committed to making this a yearly event. But, we need your help to make it happen. PLEASE make a donation today.

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Silver State/Silver Screen
Ongoing Educational Project

A hands-on filmmaking bootcamp for young people where they learn every phase of production from screenwriting to story-boarding to cinematography to post-production digital editing using state-of-the-art equipment provided by Orangetree Productions. At the end of six weeks they wind up with a completed short film of their own to be exhibited in a mini-festival and on our website.

The Prima Facie Project
Ongoing Educational Project

An introduction to Latin intended as a pilot program for both public and private schools. One of the most practical benefits of studying Latin is boosting verbal skills and scores on tests like the SAT. Numerous studies have demonstrated a significant correlation between studying Latin and improved scores on a variety of tests and even with college GPA and performance in college English classes. It is also a tremendous advantageous to learn Latin since it's the foundation language of all of the sciences.

Ivy League Outreach
Ongoing Educational Project

An ongoing program that imports Grad students from a prestigious Ivy League university to mentor local Reno middle school students who have an interest in engineering and science, with an emphasis on demystifying the process of applying to Ivy League colleges. Forget about the theoretical; these are men and women who are graduates of an Ivy League school and are currently enrolled pursuing advanced degrees.

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